Referral System


From time to time, Soar EX will run a referral promotion, this will be available to all current users at the creation of the promotion.

This will give an allocated percentage of fees taken from trades by the referee to the referrer. This period will last a set duration.

You will be able to copy a referral link from the referral page in your account settings.

Once you have the referral link, you can invite a friend to join Soar EX with this link and once they click it, a cookie will be generated on their browser that is active for 2 hours for your referral.

If they take longer than 2 hours to create an account, the referral will fade, but they can click the link again before registering as the referral links do not expire.

The referral duration period will become active once the referee has had their KYC verification approved.

You will be able to see your year-to-date and daily total earnings from referrals in your account settings.

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