OTC-Transaction Regulations

Notice to Buyer:

If the buyer cancels the order or the order is cancelled due to timeout, the buyer will get one cancellation record.

DO NOT CLICK “I’ve paid” if payment is uncompleted, since this is considered as a malicious act. Should there be any appeals towards malicious confirmation of payment, the seller can refuse the transaction.  If the circumstances are grave, we will freeze the buyer’s account.

Please complete payment by using your own beneficiary account. If you use others’ beneficiary account for payment, the seller is entitled to cancel the transaction after the refund.

In order to complete the transaction timely, real-time payment is suggested since there’ll be a quick arrival.

Please check the buyer’s acceptable payment methods and transfer money to the exact beneficiary account of the seller. The buyer needs to hold all the possible risks if transferring money to an account that is not stated in the seller’s trade terms.

Digital assets corresponding to pending orders will be locked, waiting for buyer’s payment and then seller’s release. If no digital assets are received 5 minutes after the buyer pays the order and clicks “I’ve paid”, the buyer can click “Ticket” and our CS support will intervene to judge this appeal case. The buyer will get the owner right of the assets after confirming all the above information.


Notice to Seller:

Please double check you want to sell digital assets at the selling price after setting it. Should there be any appeals arising from price issues, we will judge that the buyer has the owner right of the assets and then transfer them to the buyer.

If no payment is received after the buyer clicks “I’ve paid”, the seller can click “Appeal” for further processing. If the buyer clicks the “I’ve paid” button before completing payment, the seller is entitled to cancel the transaction after the refund.

Please carefully check the payment information is consistent with real-name information of the buyer and release the digital assets as soon as you receive the payment.

In order to complete the transaction timely, make sure that you can handle orders timely before posting ads. Or you can hide your ad to avoid unnecessary disputes if you cannot ensure enough online time.


All the rules and regulations are subject to change as per actual operations. Please keep following on any update if have.

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