1. ALL kinds of Appeal questions you may have:

The buyer has actually paid, but the order has timed out / accidentally canceled the order;
The buyer has made a real payment, clicked “I have paid”, the seller maliciously did not transfer ;
The buyer did not pay in real money, malicious or misplaced “I have paid”, the seller did not transfer;
The buyer did not make a real payment, malicious or misplaced “I have paid”, the seller mistakenly transferred.

If you suffer other problems, please contact us.

2. How to Appeal?

“Appeal” refers to the official CS support provided by our platform, with which users can resolve any problems arising during a transaction such as disputes between the sellers and buyers.

You can click the “Ticket” button in the personal center, fill in the information according to the instructions and take up an appeal case. In additional, you can send the email to support@soarexchange.io, and provide the the information related to your appeal case.

3. How to Judge an Appealing Order?

In case there is an appealing order, SOAR OTC will make judgments as per the following: The ground of appeal judgement contains:
1) Transaction Regulations of SOAR OTC (you can refer to Transaction Regulations on SOAR OTC?)
2) Related facts, including but not limited to: related transaction records and other evidences from the buyer and the seller such as transaction screenshots and payment screenshots.

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