1. How Can I Pay on OTC?

SOAR OTC provides escrow on digital assets, only displays trading information.
The payment process is completed on other platform according to buyer/seller’s needs,SOAR Huobi OTC support 2 payment methods, bank transfer and WeChat Pay. It means that once buyer/seller clicks “I have paid”, his digital assets will not be automatically transferred from his account to the other party’s account until he confirmed the transfer and release on SOAR OTC.

2. Concerned about receiving coin after paying

When you enter a trade as a buyer, the seller’s currency will be locked in the wallet of the platform, so you do not have to worry about paying money to the seller.
If the seller has not released the currency after you have paid for it for 15 minutes, please send a Ticket or Email to complain. Our customer service team will help you.

3. What If I Have Paid the Order before It Is Cancelled?

Please contact our Customer Service (How Can I Contact Customer Service?).
Explain your situation and provide us with your order ID, UID,conference code, contact details, proof of payment and other proof material.

4. Why Haven’t I Received Digital Assets After Clicking “I’ve Paid”?

First, please make sure that you have already paid the order.
(Note: SOAR OTC only provides displays of trading information and the payment process is completed off our platform between you and the buyer/seller. Therefore, it does not mean that once you click “I’ve paid”, your funds will be automatically transferred from your bank account to the seller’s account.)

Secondly, Please contact the seller according to the information he left on adverstisement, and make sure that the seller has received your transfer.

Finally, if the seller has received but has not yet released coins, you can contact the Customer Service to appeal this case (please refer to “How Can I Contact Customer Service?”).

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